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Cantata à voce sola con stromenti obligato
Leo: Laudate pueri
Forces: alto, 2 corni, 2 oboi, violins, viola & continuo

A substantial setting of the psalm 113 from what is reputed to be an autograph source. Galant in style and virtuosic for the singer.

Source: Münster HS xy175

Range: b - d' Editor: James Sanderson

Mancini: Quanto dolce è quell'ardore
Forces: soprano, oboe & continuo

Source: Royal College of Music, London, MS. 697

A rewarding cantata for the rare combination of soprano, oboe obligato, and basso continuo, showing the rich cantabile style of Francesco Mancini (Scarlatti's deputy in Naples), with a witty final aria.

Editor: Rosalind Halton

Cantata à voce sola con stromenti obligato
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