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A Scarlatti: 2 Cantate Pastorale
Forces: soprano, violins & continuo

Scarlatti's two Cantate Pastorale - 'Non so qual più m'ingobra' (edited by Rosalind Halton) and 'O di Betlemme...' (edited by James Sanderson)

Collected in one edition which saves you £££. Each edition comes with parts and combined score.

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Editor: Rosalind Halton & James Sanderson

Collection of 2 Cantata pastorale
A Scarlatti: Cantata pastorale - O di Betlemme altera
Forces: soprano/alto, strings & continuo

Source: BL Add 14165 ff202r - 217v

Scarlatti's beautiful narrative Christmas Cantata, made up of introduzzione (allegro/[pastorale]), recitative, andante, recitative, andante, recitative, pastorale.

Range: c - a''

Editor: James Sanderson

Cantata pastorale
A Scarlatti: Cantata Pastorale, 1716
Forces: voice, 2 violins & continuo

'Non sò qual più m'ingombra': the first published modern edition with parts of 'the other' Christmas solo cantata, based, with kind permission, on the autograph score in the Deutsche Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin.

The low soprano range of the vocal part lends itself to performance by various voice types, e.g. mezzo soprano or countertenor. The work opens with a masterly accompanied recitative on the wonder of the Christmas story. The two arias beautifully contrast Scarlatti's most ornate 'modern' style with the simplicity of the final Siciliano, with its message of peace to the whole world.

Range: d'-e''

Editor: Rosalind Halton

Cantata pastorale
Leo: Di contento di gioia e diletto
Forces: soprano & continuo

Source BL Add 14212 f150 - 153

This is a particularly beautiful Christmas cantata for soprano with a 'si sona' obbligato part for either cembalo or strings.

Editor: James Sanderson

Cantata spirituale
Leo: Di contento di gioia e diletto (arr)
Forces: soprano, violins & continuo

Leo's Christmas cantata realised for violins, soprano and continuo. Two arias separated by a recitative, last aria is a particularly beautiful Siciliano.

Editor: James Sanderson

Cantata spirituale con violini
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